Just under 7 years ago, Tecle came to the United States from Ethiopia with nothing but a couple pairs of shoes (one for running, the other a pair of soccer cleats) to his name. Today - after learning English, working multiple jobs, earning a GED, and attending both the College of Western Idaho and Boise State University - Tecle is proud to be a homeowner in West Boise. He is passionate about public service and volunteers tirelessly in the community to make this a safer, more welcoming city for all.


He is currently nearing completion of a B.S. in Political Science at BSU and serves as a Petroleum Supply Specialist in the United States Army Reserves.

Tecle previously attended CWI, worked at the English Language Center as computer lab monitor and cultural orientation facilitator, volunteered for local political campaigns during the 2018 election and served as an intern at the Idaho House of Representatives for the 2019 legislative session.


Tecle is a nationally accredited language service provider and a head soccer coach for high school students at Nations United under Rush Sports Complex Idaho. He was awarded the “Refugee Success and Integration Award” by the Conference on Idaho Office for Refugees at Boise State University in 2014.  

Tecle’s hobbies include running, reading, and writing poetry. Running through the trails of Boise’s foothills is a favorite pastime that calls to mind the Ethiopian hills of his childhood.